Officially Signed is a new exclusive provider of rare high quality collectable items and sporting artwork. We have unrivalled connections with elite athletes and A-List celebrities from around the globe, meaning we are able to offer something truly unique to our clients.

All of our items are officially signed and authenticated, most of which are personal items or 1 of 1 pieces belonging to a variety of exceptional sporting talent.

Aligning with iconic sporting events we are able to offer a selection of specially curated pieces that cannot be found or bought anywhere else, for a limited time only.

Due to our close connections with some of the worlds most elite sporting talent, we are able to offer meet and greet collection opportunities with certain purchases*.



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Meet the team


When you get that chance to see the greatest athletes on earth produce something that inspires you for the rest of your life you have to have something that will always remind you of that special occasion. For me these items are not just to look nice in your homes or offices but to be a reminder to motivate and enhance your own life.


Discover Nathan Hill, widely recognised for his incredibly mind blowing hand drawn portraits of sports stars and celebrities. Hill is continuing to amaze the world with his exceptionally sophisticated, unique and stylish pieces. This young talent is definitely one to watch!


Sport is not just entertainment, it is a platform for the greatest athletes on this planet to inspire us to succeed in our own life! To own a unique item that will inspire you every time you see it is priceless.


Tom works as an independent marketing consultant for Officially Signed and provides marketing expertise to grow the Officially Signed brand.

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